Whole Cow - Steer "Big Mac"

Whole Cow - Steer "Big Mac"

Whole Steer for beef
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Purchase a whole cow and have beef for a year, or round up some friends and portion out by Quarters or Halves.

This 100% Grass fed, Grass Finished Steer is 28 months of age and ready to go to slaughter, at the locker of your choice, we expect that you will get at least 450 lbs of meat from this steer.

Our beef can be processed in any manner to suit your religious or ethnic needs.

We offer free delivery to our local locker and will provide a cut sheet if this is the locker you wish to use.

The cost of processing is approximately $900.00 and can be paid through us, or directly to the processor.

Approximate freezer space required for a processed Cow:

Whole - 21 cubic feet

Half - 12 cubic feet

Quarter - 8 cubic feet

Tenth - 4 cubic feet