Getting to know us!

Raising our Animals

Here at Natural Gramma, we believe in regenerative farming and sustainable practices. We focus on maintaining a healthy environment and lifestyle for all of our livestock, so they can be happy, healthy and free from stress or abuse. We consider the environmental impact of the methods we use in raising cattle and chickens. By employing eco-friendly practices we prevent pollution caused by animal methane and other farm wastes that may be harmful for the land and animals.

We work to provide our customers with a superior nutritional product. This is why we ensure that our animals eat what is best and natural for them. Our cattle are grass-fed and grass-finished and our chickens are raised on pasture land. These methods provide natural and more appropriate nutrition than the modern grain-based diets.

Natural Gramma

Natural Gramma is more than just a thought, Natural Gramma is Laura Reid. Laura met Papa Hank and came to visit him in Missouri one year for Thanksgiving, it was at this time Laura learned that she really had a knack for and loved regenerative farming. A year later, in 2019 Laura relocated from Idaho to Missouri and began her purchasing cattle and chickens.

Natural Gramma is most happy when she is surrounded by her animals.

Papa Hank

Jeffrey "Hank" Reid was born and raised in Missouri, Natural Gramma is blessed to be able to raise their animals on Pemberton Farm where Papa grew up. Papa Hank and Natural Gramma were married in November of 2020, and live in their home just 1 mile from the Farm, which was established in 1928.

Hank was trained as a young man to treat his animals with the utmost care, and it is evident in how he watches out for and cares for the cattle, chickens and geese.

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